I’m obsessed with hair scarves right now and wanted to show you five of my favorite ways to style them! I used some of my favorite products from Amika and these cute Free People scarves.


Who doesn’t love a good high pony? A good foundation to any style is essential and for this looks I went with Amika’s Perk Pp Dry Shampoo in the roots and Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray. The dry shampoo gives a nice airy texture to play with and volume. The texture spraygive the ends grit and hold as well.

Once your hair is curled, prepped with product and brushed through with your fingers or a wide tooth comb grab an elastic or hair band.  Gather your hair to where you want the pony to hang, low medium or high.  Then secure and slip the scarf or hair accessory of your choice. Viola! I love a high pony because its so simple, take down some face framing pieces or keep it simple.



This style makes any look more romantic. Start with a good foundation of tuxured curls.  Backbomb the top section of hair and smooth it out.  Secure with an elastic and pull and pitch for a little added volume and texture to the top of your head.  Add your bow or accessory of choice and enjoy your cute as skink hair!



This style is literally the easiest ever, but the pay off is major.  With this look a scarf or scrunchie is my fav.  Wear it off to the side or straight down your back.  Just gather your hair with the scarf under your hair and tie.  Piece out some face framers and you’re golden boo.


Braids are so amazing because if you know how to you’ll look so pro.  And who doesn’t want to impress your friends with your skillz?!

Here is a simple french braid tucked under and made into a bun.  Perfect if you have tons of hair and its hot out and your just can’t deal but still wana look cute.  French braid til you’re at the nape of your neck and tie it off.  Leave it as a pony tail if you please or twist the hair into a bun and secure with a hair tie.  Finish off with a cute scarf!



Lazy Sunday? A high bun couldn’t be more of a Sunday mood if it tried, if buns could try. A chic scrunchie is the must have of the season and make that lazy girl style werk.  But make sure to make it look messy with lots of baby hair and tendrills to complete the effortless look.  We won’t tell anyone that you did not in fact “wake up like dis”.