Everyone that knows me personally knows that I am practically a nutritionist with the large body of knowledge that I have accumulated over the years regarding health.  Now that I have gotten a little older staying the size I was in my twenties in my thirties is a challenge, but I have adopted an easy to follow wellness routine that I feel like can work for anyone.

1. The 80/20 rule! I have been eating paleo-ish for about 7 years now and I was once the girl eating taco bell everyday.  I have been thought 3 series of whole 30’s and I try to eat paleo the majority of my days with some cheating 20% of the time.  I feel like this works for me to sustain a healthy mindset with food, because when I find myself obsessing and having a restrictive diet that when I get off the diet train I gain the weight right back and I can’t wait to eat all the things I was craving.  Not only was this pointless, but unhealthy, so I like having my cheat meals once a week as opposed to going to hard on a whole 30 or longer restrictive phases.  I do think people with weight issues should try whole 30 to jumpstart weight loss and to get an idea on how much sugar is really ruling your life.  But for the most part eat healthy most of the time, and reserve  your cheats for Sundays.


2. Exercising in some form every day.  Yes, everyday! I am not saying to hit a bootcamp everyone of those days, but just being active, like a few miles walk can make the difference.  Sedentary  lifestyles are a killer, literally, so if you have a job where you sit at a desk and sit in your car on the way home where you sit on the couch and watch shows…. you are in danger.  Investing in a device like the Fitbit might be a good idea to monitor your steps and help when setting fitness goals.  Little things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator, going for a longer walk with the dog add up and are going to keep your metabolism and blood flow moving.  My fav workouts that I recommend: pilates, yoga, circuit training classes and hiking.


3. Finding healthier versions of the food you love.  I for one love a good pizza or cupcake and it isn’t realistic or healthy to say you’ll never eat food groups.  Luckily I live in LA where I can pop into Erewhon for a tasty paleo treat or cauliflower pizza crust, but there are loads of recipes online to plan for those moments of weakness.  I think its better to make your cheats more nutritious if possible so you don’t have to feel so guilty about indulging once in a while.  I have been super into Enlightened Ice Creams, Capello’s pastas and cookies and pizza.  I also love Rawberri in Weho for a tasty gluten free, dairy free, vegan soft serve.  It really hits the spot on a hot summer day, and I don’t feel guilty.


4. What fluids are you drinking?  Staying away from sugary drinks is a big priority for me.  I grew up drinking tons of soda, so I still struggle when at a cheat meal, but I am getting better.  There are so many alternatives now, and I am obsessed with Perrier with a squirt of real lemon.  I am assuming La Croix is well known now, but incase you don’t know its a flavored sparkling water beverage that many are switching out for their fav soda.  Coffee and tea can harbor tons of hidden sugars and sweeteners, so I opt for Erewhon’s Matcha Latte with their own raw organic almond milk and I add CBD drops.  Juices should consist of green veggies only.  If you crave fruit juice, just eat fruit or get a smoothie.  The fiber in the fruit slows down the spike in your blood sugar.  Good ole’ water should be the main source of your liquids.  My doctor recommends 1 liter before 10am and 1 liter before 2pm.  Bottoms up ladies!


5. Fasting is so hot right now.  At the New Year I tested out the Keto Diet and intermittent fasting.  Fasting is a great way to loose weight quickly and I find this method to really work since you are usually skipping a meal too, so you’re typically eating lower calorie as well.   It was pretty easy for me, especially since I am used to eating relatively low carb, and I don’t experience highs and lows in blood sugar even when I am not eating much.  I would recommend if you want to try fasting, just to skip breakfast and eat a low carb salad for lunch when you break your fast.  Fasting usually lasts 16 hours depending on your activity level, so if you stop eating at 7pm you can break your fast at 11.  Not hard right? This really works, but you can’t eat like an asshole during your 8 eating hours otherwise you run the risk of having glycemic issues.  So stay clear of high carb foods while fasting and you’ll see better result.

I hope these 5 tips help you get to the body you love and appreciate.