So what’s a gloss anyway? 

Let’s get schooled, shall we? A semi-permanent gloss doesn’t penetrate the cuticle, it only coats it with a tone, and acts like a conditioner because it is formulated with amino acids, and no ammonia! It is perfect for: banishing brass or warming up brunettes, color melting, root shadowing to blend harsh grow outs… the uses are endless! The results last 4-6 weeks, so regular gloss treatments are recommended in between my highlight services. A gloss service takes anywhere from 3 to 40 minutes depending on your needs, and most my girls pop in just after the gym and get a quick blowout after! (Here is a picture showing the power of a gloss and blowdry)


Another option for your next gloss appointment is a demi permanent gloss which also adds luminous shine, and tone, but lasts a little longer.  A demi gloss lasts longer because it lightly penetrates the cuticle, but still contains no ammonia.  Results last about 6-8 weeks.  I use demi’s to cover grey as well without the harsh grow-out line and take my clients going darker to a rich, but still dimensional result.  This color service lasts only 20 minutes, which is perfect to just pop in and pop out with your busy schedule.

Not looking for a drastic change? Why not try a clear gloss for a dazzling reflective high shine finish.


Ok, now that you know what a gloss is, why do you need it?

Has your hair lost its luster, and shine? Is it brassy or looking dull? Has the tone you loved after your last appointment rinsed out?

After the summer, the sun, salt water and pool may have left your strands brassy because all of these things oxidize hair color and can deposit hard minerals on hair that can coat the shaft and make it less shiny or discolored.  I like to start my glosses with a Malibu C clarifying treatment to gently lift out the impurities using vitamin c, then applying the gloss to give back the tone and shine, and finish with a treatment mask for moisture.  Sounds divine, right?!

Whether you are looking to switch up the tone of your hair based on your mood or the season, or just want to give your hair the TLC it needs, it’s time for a gloss.  Trends in hair are moving from matte beach waves and ombre color to sleek and shiny straight styles and dimensional color, and you are so on it my friends! Stay glossy!