I’m going to New York in a couple of days and I have a pre-vacation routine to look my flyest.

1. FACIALIST: Sophia Phan is my homegirl. She is amazing for clear skin and I literally go once a month but always right before a major trip. My skin is beyond glowing and I can get away without wearing as much makeup.

2. SPRAY TAN: I have to get a spray tan from my favorites at Ocean & Sun Tanning. It’s so easy for on demand, in-home spray tans that are super quick. I love that I don’t have to worry about losing my tan by throwing on clothes too quickly. The color is super gorgeous and the most natural I’ve ever had. No joke, my old assistant used to call me “Ashleigh Trump” because I looked so orange from other salons I won’t mention the name of. I have been through it for sure! The struggle is real trying to find the best color for a really white girl.

3. PRODUCT PICK-UP: I can’t be short of my essentials for my routine so I make sure to always have travel sizes or fresh bottles of my favorites. My go-to stores are Naimie’s in the Valley and Sephora of course. My favorite brand to bring along is Amika. Not only do they have the cutest packaging, but most of their products come in travel size and all of their products are free of parabens and sulfates and things. I never have to use hotel shit on my hair thank goodness.

4. BARRY’S BOOTCAMP: I always go to Barry’s for at least two weeks straight to get into killer shape quickly. They kick my ass but it’s worth it.

5. PACK IT UP IN A CALPAK: Calpak is my favorite luggage and I never travel without it. I’m obsessed with the white marble setand it’s so good for Instas. It’s so sad that there is ugly luggage out there, but not anymore with Calpak!

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