Ready for a new way to create effortless looking waves? This tutorial will teach you how to get the look minus the curls, and have you looking like you just stepped off the beach.

Featuring some of my favorite products:

Full shampoo and conditioner @virtue
6 in one styler @virtue
1 1/4 marcel curling iron @hottools
Dry texture spray @virture
Volume powder @virtue
The finale Hairspray @virtue

Step by step:

1.Start with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner like @virtue FULL to give your hair MANE-like qualities and grit.

2.Use a air dry cream/ heat protectant and airdry if possible. Remember you want to accentuate your natural texture, but if you have fine hair lacking texture you can always fake it at the next step by curling it. If you have to blowdry it, blowdry without a brush and dry with your head upside down. You don’t want the hair to be too smooth for this style.

3.Alternate directions top, the bottom, clamping down, tapping it, on the hair with tension with the iron starting at the nape, working your way down the shaft.

4.Sprinkle volume powder into roots.

5.Tousle a texture spray into mids and ends

6.Finish with a light spray of hairspray to set the style.

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