1. Does putting extensions ruin/damage your hair?

Extensions are perfectly safe for most hair if they are properly installed by a certified extension specialist, and are properly cared for by the client.

Proper care is daily brushing, washing every 3/4 days with sulfate free shampoo and conditioning them with a moisturizing conditioner.

2. How often do you need to maintain them?

This depends on a lot of things, first, the type of hair you have. I you have fine hair you will need to maintain extensions more often than people with coarser textures.

Also, depending on the type of hair extensions, it can vary. Wefts and Tapes are typically moved up every 6-8 weeks, while individuals can last 2-5 months.

3. What is your most natural effortless type of extensions?

Individuals can replicate the look of hair the best because the individual pieces added look the most hair like and the movement is more natural. They are also effortless in the care, needing similar practices to your own hair, (ie daily brushing and regular washing.)

4. Proper placement for a seamless blend?

This is a hairdresser question, but the placement options are endless depending on the needs of the client and the existing hair they are working with. I find that following the round curvature of the head instead of horizontal partings is the most natural. I also find that a seamless blend comes down to blending in the haircut and choosing colors that match exactly to the hair.

5. How to maximize fullness with fewer wefts?

Another hairdresser question, but I typically don’t advise overloading the weight of a singular weft personally. I find that this is the problem with most weft techniques out there right now that pile on to so few points of contact causes pulling and results in traction alopecia.

If a client is needing or wanting that much hair, I would advise against adding more hair than what is healthy to add. You are in charge, and the health of the hair comes first!

6. Do any work on really thin hair?

Really thin hair is a challenge because these clients need and want extensions the most. I would say it depends on how thin we are talking.

You can add individual micro’s that match the density of the hair, but you want to monitor the progress and care at home to see how the hair is taking to them. Also, if the clients hair is in turmoil due to health issues, the follicle and hair itself might be too weak to hold the extension and it might be best of offer wigs as an alternative, especially those in chemo or those experiencing side effects from medications.

If the client has hair on the thin side, I would also look into seeing a doctor for the concern and look into if there is an underlying issue, like thyroid or anemia. You always want to look out for the best interest of your client and always put the health of their hair first.

7. I want some, but what’s affordable? Clip ins, wefts or neither?

Affordability is all based on budget. How much time and money are you wanting to invest?

Clip ins are the cheapest option typically, but are not recommended for daily use. The clips can pull at the hair, and it’s a lot of weight on so few points of contact. That’s why sometimes you’ll get a headache if you wear them too long, and they should never be worn overnight. Halo’s, are a better alternative since they don’t attach to the hair and don’t require any teasing.

Tapes and wefts take less time to install making application processes cheaper. The initial investment of hair might be a little more since the hair is reusable, but you can reuse the hair for up to a year, depending on the care, so you can save money if you take extra good care of the hair by heat styling less often, and using the right products on the hair. The price of hair runs $200-600 depending on the quantity, quality and color.

Individuals take the longest to apply at the time of the appointment, so the application cost is higher, but you don’t have to move them up like you do other methods, so instead of coming in every 6-8 weeks, you can make them last from 2-5 months without any salon visits in-between, thus saving time and money. Again, the range of time is completely varied by the type of hair the client has and how well the extensions are cared for. The hair is not reusable but runs $200-600 depending on the quantity, quality and color.

8. Do micro lengths damage fine hair?

Fine hair is more prone to damage with all extension methods if not properly installed or cared for. It’s like highlights, they can be completely harmless if done right, or catastrophic if done improperly.

So like with any hair service, ensuring your stylist is an expert and specialist is key. Also proper at home care is crucial with fine hair, making sure to gently brush them and keep them from knotting or matting.

9. How much do extensions cost?

Service price varies based on the technique, time of application and quantity of hair added.

Hair cost varies based on the quantity, quality and color.

All these things considered, adding just a few extensions around the face could start at $400 total and a full head of 22’ could end up costing $2000. It’s a really big range, but a consultation is best to calculate the exact cost based on the individual client.

10. Which extensions are best for really thick hair?

Wefts or Tapes are typically best for really thick hair because in order to match the density of the hair, you need bulkier pieces in order to get the most hair added. The weft and tape extensions are also better suited for coarser textures because the hair is stronger and can hold heavier pieces than finer textures.

11. What is the shortest length of hair you recommend to have extensions?

I wouldn’t recommend hair extensions to those with hair shorter than cheek level. It is really hard to blend and takes so much hair to create any length and the hair existing is so short it wouldn’t be able to cover the extensions very well incase the wind blew. I would recommend to anyone who has shorter than cheek level length to get a wig or topper.

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