Want to heal your hair from the inside? Wait what does that mean? Yes, I want to heal my hair, but what do you mean from the inside?

Olaplex is different from say a conditioner or mask and is in a league of its own. Let me clarify:

A conditioner or mask is made up of oils, silicones, emollients that are intended to replenish the hair’s moisture after the oils are stripped after harsh soaps from shampooing. These benefits are temporary and are nourishing no doubt, but internally do not heal the hair. It’s and outside job, mostly smoothing the cuticle, the exterior of the hair strand.

Olaplex treatments on the other hand, are an inside job.  The active magical ingredient in Olaplex, bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate, (don’t ask me to pronounce it) which is in each step of the products repairs broken disulfide bonds in the hair. Reforming these bonds heals the hair for a permanent result that gets better with it use. Ahhhh, now you see grasshopper!

So this, my friends, is why I recommend Olaplex No. 3 to all my clients, because is a unique product that mends the hair and permanently changes its structure unlike anything else. With highlights, heat styling, and even just brushing causing split ends, being apart of our normal routine Olaplex is perfect to help our hair get back on track.

So now that you understand why Olaplex is special and crucial to keeping your hair in the best shape, which Olaplex product is right for you?


Olaplex #3: Hair Perfector: Click to Purchase

Who it’s for: This step is great for those with healthy hair who just wants to do a good he treatment once a week or 2/3 times a week for healthy damaged hair.

How to use it: slather it on wet hair for 10 mins and shampoo and condition as normal. I like to add it from roots to tips and sleep in it or braid it into braid and workout, especially baby hairs around the face.


Olaplex #4: Shampoo: Click to Purchase

Who’s it for: severely damaged hair, like bleach and tones or those with damage at the root or recently color corrected hair. This shampoo is ultra moisturizing so it can be a bit heavy for frequent use but good for clients trying to regain health and moisture.
How to use it: shampoo as normal and follow with conditioner.



Olaplex #5: Conditioner: Click to Purchase

Who’s it for: great for those who have severely damaged hair to use with the shampoo in tandem or those looking to get the benefits of the #3 without adding another step to your busy schedule. It’s a 2 for 1 product, bond building and adding moisture.

How to use it: use it once a week instead of #3 or every time after you wash for added repair.




Olaplex #6: Bond Smoother: Click to Purchase

Who’s it for: all hair types! Damaged or not, this is a great repair active styling cream that leaves hair frizz free for 72 hours and soft.

How to use it: I love using this after the shower as an air dry cream to perk up waves and curls full of moisture.



Olaplex #7: Bonding Oil: Click to Purchase

Who’s it for: all hair types. This is my fav Olaplex product because it does it all. This is the most bang for your buck for sure. Not only does it repair and strengthen the hair, but it adds moisture, shine and heat protection up to 450!

How to use it: just a little goes a long way, just on the mids and ends it add it to pony tails to luminously shiny results. Pro tip: add it the #6 to create an ultimate blow dry cocktail for the softest healthiest hair ever!


I hope all these tips and tricks help you find the right product for your hair and lifestyle. Remember it’s about what you think you can do consistently. I don’t want you to buy something that you’ll forget about in the the sink! Let’s make this a new healthy routine to add to your self care! Happy hair day!


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