How to: Use root CONCEALER

Trying to figure out how to use root concealer? Pesky greys messing up your selfie? Do you want to have a fuller looking pony? Da…da…da… the magical root spray to the rescue to fix all your troubles.

Instead of taking a chance and ruining your hair with box dye, grab a root spray! Not only are they temporary fix during quarantine, it might be worth working into your routine on week 3 or 4 when you’re just about to come in for a touch up but you have an important event.

But root sprays aren’t just for covering greys, you can use it along hairlines to give the illusion of thicker hair or fill in hair that might be thinning.

Spray formulas can vary, but you want to sick to formulas that are transfer resistant and test it on your hand to ensure you don’t have an allergy or reaction in case you have sensitivities.

There are a so many brands out there, but my favs are: L’Oréal, DP Hue and Rita Hazan.

So, now that you got the good stuff, let’s do a little tutorial shall we.

***Drape a towel over your shoulders to protect your clothing.

  1. Start along the part you normally wear, tilt the nozzle sideways, so that it’s facing down your hair towards your ends and cover your face with your hand.
  2. Spray at the roots just above the scalp in short bursts. Don’t spray directly into your part facing down. It will make your scalp dark and look unnatural.
  3. Fold a tissue into a triangle and spray along the hairline of your face spraying away from your face for a nicer blend.
  4. Use a boar brush to blend.
  5. Just pick a part and stick to it, no need to do the whole head.


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