No Strings Attached – Meet The Volume Veil by The Hair Shop

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So LA salons might not be open for a few more weeks due to the pandemic, but the desire for fuller hair is STRONG. No need to worry or wait, The Hairshop has recently developed and released something that will tide you over til we can get into the salon together.

TA-Da! Enter the Volume Veil!

The Volume Veil is an easy to use clip in that seamlessly blends with the natural hair to create fullness in a snap, literally! Three snaps to be exact… but this miracle weave is much easier to install than traditional clip ins.

No rows, or bricklaying (whatever that is), the string lightly suspends at the top of the head and secures with clips in the nape, discreetly hiding away any bulkiness and angling toward the face for fullness where it matters.

And no need to worry if you decide to dance on TikTok and end up hair flipping to Beyoncé, the clips have got you covered and you can let the hair fly without a doubt.

Like all clip in’s they should NEVER be slept in, taken for a swim or pulled too tightly, so keep that in mind before doing any of these activities. They should be stored after every use in a nice box or braided in a bag, and washed as needed with sulphate free shampoo and conditioner.

The Volume Veil is perfect for in-between extension installations, for breaks to do plenty of treatments, and simply give the hair a rest.  It is also a great option for weddings, or special events where you want a little extra Oomph without the commitment of more permanent methods.

At only $195, (use my promo code below) it’s the most affordable extension method, and the hair can last for over a year with proper care and maintenance.


It’ll grant 20% off the VV only online, expires June 7 ❤️

I know this time is tough on all of us – trust me I want to be with you doing your hair right now – and soon enough we will be together, but til then options like the Volume Veil are an amazing option.

I am thinking of you ladies and I am trying my best to keep you looking fresh from afar. I wouldn’t just leave you hanging…Reach out to me to consult on the perfect color for you or a gloss to match.

xo AMC

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