NIGHT NIGHT WEAVE: How to Sleep with Hair Extensions

Extensions need a proper night time routine too! So as you begin to wined down for the night, adding a few extra steps for your weave is essential for not only preserving the lovely blowout that you did on yourself, but in keeping your hair and the extension hair healthy.

Here are a few a few pointers to keep your weave looking and feeling FRESH!

    1.    Brush your hair with a good detangling brush. After a long day, your hair can get tangled, so having the right brush to help you get the job done will ensure pesky knots and mats stay away.  I love the shiela stouts brush or a good old wet brush will do as well.  Just making sure to start at the ends of your hair and gently brushing in-between the extensions is the best method.

    2.    Braids are your new best friend.  If you have medium to long hair, braiding your extensions into a loose braid will keep the hair from getting knotty (naughty) over night.  Securing with a silk pony tail(LINK will keep the ends from getting a crease and also prevent breakage that is common from traditional hair ties. A loose topknot bun will also do the trick to keep the hair tamed and structured.

    3.    A silk or satin pillow case is a luxurious addition to your hair self care routine.  Sleeping on a silk pillow case will keep friction caused by cotton pillowcases from roughing up the cuticle to the hair shaft while sleeping, plus the smooth texture will prevent wrinkles too! Double win!  When looking for a silk pillow case you want to look for 22-25 momme count for the best quality, and durability. I use:  

    4.    Shower caps are a cute way to keep your blowout from getting attacked by steam-causing frizz. Twirling your hair up and into a bun and securing with a shark clip (LINK THE HAIRSHOP) and then putting the cap on will make it easier to get all the hair into the cap.  My fav cap is Shhhshower (LINK) cap because besides being freaking cute, they  are non-plastic, premium, waterproof, performance fabric is machine washable with an added antibacterial coating that prevents mildew growth and defies humidity by letting water out but never in.

    5.    Switching out your cotton towel for a Aquis rapid dry hair turban will dry your hair faster and with less damage, friction, or heat. Since going to bed with wet hair is a big no-no, using this microfiber towel to make blowdrying your hair before bed faster.  Don’t have the time or energy to do a blowout after a long day, skip it and add it to your morning routine.  Whatever is easiest for you and your schedule, just for the love of your locks, never go to bed with your hair wet.

** These tips are intended for more permanent extension methods, so if you are using clip in’s or a halo, your nightly routine will be a little different.  ALWAYS be sure remove the extensions every night.  The clips could cause damage while sleeping and tossing and turning at night.  

After you remove them close the clips, brush them and wash them in the sink with sulfate free shampoo and condition the ends.  You can apply a heat protectant and blow them out for a smoother texture that will tangle less, and give a beautiful shine. I love (LINK OLAPLEX OIL) because it repairs the hair, has uv protection to prevent color fade, and heat protection up to 450 degrees. You can air-dry them, just make sure they are brushed out before you lay them to dry, and keep away from sunlight.  After you have given them some much needed love, store them in a cute box or I love using

With all these great additions to your nightly routine your hair will feel like it is at a spa! But pampering your hair is essential in preserving the lifespan of your stands and keeping them glossy and healthy.  All of the TLC you give your hair will come back to you 10 fold when your extensions last longer and save you valuable time and money in the salon.  Now go and enjoy your pampering, and night-night weave!

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